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[audio]Delicata rassegnazione

Keywords: Electroacoustic
Downloads: 117
[audio]Rakini - D. Raylene Campbell
Live recording of electroacoustic music performance.
Keywords: electroacoustic
Downloads: 150
[audio]Rakini - D. Raylene Campbell
Live recording of an electroacoustic performance with accordion and electronics.
Keywords: Electroacoustic
Downloads: 509
[audio]Il suonatore di trombe-giocattolo indecisionale - Tirriddiliu

Keywords: Electroacoustic
Downloads: 121
[audio]La surreale rivolta del flauto - Tirriddiliu

Keywords: Electroacoustic
Downloads: 123
[audio]caucho+k+rui costa-03frmx - caucho+k+rui costa
rui costa reconstructs caucho+k (ivan garnacho, kanito)
Keywords: Electroacoustic
Downloads: 694
[audio]L'esausta giocoleria del pianista evaporato - Tirriddiliu

Keywords: Electroacoustic
Downloads: 372
[audio]sans titre - Patrick Boivin

Keywords: Electroacoustic
Downloads: 303
[audio]Agonia di un flauto - Tirriddiliu

Keywords: Electroacoustic
Downloads: 200
[audio]Idols of the Children - D. Raylene Campbell
Audio art performance.
Keywords: electroacoustic
Downloads: 105
[audio]la caja de galletas-egoismo 3 - la caja de galletas
music for egoismo3, an installation by la caja de galletas concept by diego gómez music by iñaki ríos
Keywords: Electroacoustic
Downloads: 103
[audio]yoko.lennon estuvimos sentados en tu habitacion 050804 - alvin lucier, yoko.lennon, amarilis
yoko.lennon estuvimos sentados en el salon de amarilis el 040805.estoy sentado en tu habitacion is an alvin's lucier i am sitting in a room interpretation by yoko.lennonhttp://besalelosdientes.com/los_lirios_del_bosque/estoy_sentado_en_tu_habitacion
Keywords: Electroacoustic
Downloads: 926
[audio]polIXI ep - Chiu Longina
Audio created with tools IXI software. February 2004. Chiu Longina. Artificial soundscapes. Electroacoustic music.
Keywords: Electroacoustic
Downloads: 303
[audio]ja_dijiste - ja_dijiste
rui costa, kanito: laptops, among other objects
Keywords: Electroacoustic
Downloads: 443
[audio]rui costa-dronin - rui costa
rui costa on laptop, 2002
Keywords: Electroacoustic
Downloads: 347
[audio]El despertar - DIY-note
Track 07 Of Ruptures, DIY-note first demo, sing in spanish, written by Veronica and Didier in 2004 at Nancy (France)
Keywords: Electroacoustic
Downloads: 225
[audio]Riflessioni del violoncello inapparente - Tirriddiliu

Keywords: Electroacoustic
Downloads: 194
[audio]n4+!+k-en_0210 - n4+!+k
natividad plasencia on cello, kanito on laptop
Keywords: Electroacoustic
Downloads: 224
[audio]Il pianista evaporato - Tirriddiliu

Keywords: Electroacoustic
Downloads: 174
[audio]Il chitarrista ipotetico ed il pianista evaporato si sfiorano - Tirriddiliu

Keywords: Electroacoustic
Downloads: 123
[audio]Endless night - DIY-note
Track 10 Of Ruptures, DIY-note first demo, with voices taken from Dead-man,composed by Yannick and Didier in 2004 at Nancy (France)
Keywords: Electroacoustic
Downloads: 397
[audio]Capricci di un tamburo incompreso - Tirriddiliu

Keywords: Electroacoustic
Downloads: 151
[audio]no me toques la colita - yoko.lennon
this piece for bed&laptop was planned for a the beatles tribute festival in what we finally decided not to participate in. more info, los lirios del bosque
Keywords: Electroacoustic
Downloads: 734
[audio]Resistenza orchestrale - Tirriddiliu

Keywords: Electroacoustic
Downloads: 156
[audio]yoko.lennon estuvimos sentados en tu habitacion 050320 - alvin lucier, yoko.lennon, luis costa
yoko.lennon estuvimos sentados en el salón de luis el 200305. estoy sentado en tu habitacion is an alvin's lucier i am sitting in a room interpretation by yoko.lennon http://besalelosdientes.com/los_lirios_del_bosque/estoy_sentado_en_tu_habitacion
Keywords: Electroacoustic
Downloads: 922 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]kanito-el mundo del bolo - kanito
kanito on laptop. recorded nearly live at amayuelas and medina del campo. el mundo del bolo is curated by francisco alvarito.
Keywords: Electroacoustic
Downloads: 390
[movies]Bridges Buildings' Foreign Exchange - Andy Graydon
This video is made by the talentuous videomaker Andy Graydon from New York. Andy gives us a beautiful video clip of Foreign Exchange, a song from the Balkan Tropics Ep by Bridges Buildings SkM014 (www.standard-music.net. A big thanks to Andy, and don t forget to visit his website. http://www.andygraydon.net
Keywords: ElectroAcoustic
Downloads: 951
[audio]kanito-baldofono - kanito
some improvisations on baldofono
Keywords: Electroacoustic
Downloads: 612
[movies]Excerpts from Brian Garbet's Frankenguerilla and Ritual electroacoustic compositions - Brian Garbet (music), Abram Hindle (film)
Excerpts from Brian Garbet's Frankenguerilla and Ritual electroacoustic compositions shot in Edmonton at the New Music Edmonton See You or Something in September.
Keywords: electroacoustic
Downloads: 2
[audio]Lars Lundhave Hansen - catching fire .ep
'Catching Fire' - brand new work by Lars Lundehave Hansen, the mastermind behind Danish renowned drone-act Wäldchengarten "Quite frankly, and I tell you this without any disdain for our future relations (should we come to have any), things have been going wrong for so long that I can't even begin to point out the "whens" and "wheres". Neither will I bore you with the specifics. But as I was - ready to engage - this fleeting glimpse of the future struck me like a fucking flagpole...
Keywords: electroacoustic
Downloads: 611 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Violet - Green [zero005r] - Violet
Green is a 40 minute live recording for sine wave, guitar, and record player. Despite a minimal setup the sound is thick and dense revealing furious activity buried beneath the loud drones. Please visit the zeromoon label website for more information.
Keywords: Electroacoustic
Downloads: 2,810
[audio]Terje Paulsen - a posteriori .ep - terje paulsen
recorded @ terje's home [sound atelier] january - february 2009. track 1. german presence. soundsources: bowed, transistor radio and picked cymbal. bowed, e-bowed and picked three stringed acoustic guitar. both instruments are contactmik'ed. recorded and edited in audacity. track 2. a posteriori. soundsources: a broken record player from the 1960's. a handpicked cone. both objects recorded into a zoom handy h4 recorder and edited in audacity...
Keywords: electroacoustic
Downloads: 337
[audio][cnv45] Cory Allen - observing a warmth - Cory Allen
When composing the present work, Observing a Warmth, I chose my ontological explorative measuring tool to be the vibrational frequencies of the human Chakra system. Each piece utilizes a devised frequential pattern with the intention of resonating a single Chakra and then moving onward to another, or resonating multiple Chakras simultaneously, for which I coined the term spinning wheel chord. The objective of this experiment was to determine if embedding certain frequency groups in music could e...
Keywords: electroacoustic
Downloads: 6,967
[audio]Electric Claps First Section
The sound of electric "claps" which mark the end of the first section of Space Music 1. Click on triangle at right to begin playback.
Keywords: electroacoustic
Downloads: 18
[audio]Lars Lundehave Hansen - Asteroid Collisions
I recieved an invitation to perform at Science And Cocktails(.org) on the same night as a rather interesting talk on the universe, space debris and meteorites given by associate professor Henning Haack. This track was made to be an intergalactic, space-age epos conveyed in sound, elegantly flush with key points in Mr. Haack's lecture. Inspired by disastrous science fiction my thought was: What happens in the few moments after an asteroide collides into your spaceship? And how does these moments ...
Keywords: electroacoustic
Downloads: 279
[audio]bryan holmes explotacion (chat026) - bryan holmes
BRYAN HOLMES (1981) is a Chilean composer graduated in Musical Sciences and Arts at Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Chile, where he studied composition and orchestration under Eduardo Cáceres. He also studied Philosophy at Universidad de Valparaíso, Chile, and since 2007 he courses a Master in Music at Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).EXPLOTACIÓN (“exploitation” in english) is an EP collecting four electroacoustic works, composed betwen late 2005 and 2006...
Keywords: electroacoustic
Downloads: 1,401
[audio]Ammo - Kaleinoiscope [VAULT01] (CD)
THE VAULT #01: BAND: Ammo TITLE: Kaleinoscope RELEASE DATE: 2001 ORIGINAL FORMAT: CD ORIGINAL LABEL: FALLING ELEVATORS INFO: Kaleinoiscope was commissioned by Brussels 2000 - European capital city of Culture, as part of the Radiolab, Café 9 and Distorted Media projects. Recorded September 2, 2000 at the Brussels 2000 Headquarters. Remixed, edited and mastered at Metarc. Source material includes samples from the Distorted Media interactive sound database and from Lilith's "Field Notes"...
Keywords: Electroacoustic
Downloads: 4,573
[audio]Tanporan - Artificial Memory Trace
composed in between 2001 – 2005 by slavek kwi in ivy cottage, ireland. Based on tanpura sequence with jiri mazanek [recorded in prague, czechie -1994] and free improvisation with miro (sitar) and jaro (various percussion and noises) [recorded in liege, belgium - 2000] dedicated to my friend mirek :)
Keywords: electroacoustic
Downloads: 91
[audio]Cyclocean - Artificial Memory Trace
artificial memory trace: cyclOcean 58:48 composition by slavek kwi, re-re-recycling exclusively from collective sound-bank *, created in july 2002, dublin, ireland. thanksss to all twelvo-participants for letting me explore their 1min sound-worlds. verrry special thanks to paul mcgrath for miraculous recovering of sound-files from my exploded computer, without him cyclOcean would not exist. * 1 min-sounds were provided by: illusion of safety, john duncan, scanner, erik m, akira rabelais, daniel ...
Keywords: electroacoustic
Downloads: 111
[audio]Lee Noyes & J.C. Combs - confessions of a deviant machine - [cnv68]
composed, produced and arranged by Lee Noyes and J.C. Combs Lee Noyes: percussion/prepared-piano/electronics/processing J.C. Combs: processes/electronics/piano recorded in Dunedin NZ and Seattle WA between Nov 2009 and March 2010. Mastered by Lee Noyes http://www.leenoyes.com/ http://www.jccombs.com/
Keywords: electroacoustic
Downloads: 812 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Jason Kahn - timelines_ny [cnv50] - jason kahn
“Timelines_NY” is a graphical score for five musicians composed for a concert in New York. Like the first version of this work, simply entitled “Timelines” (released in 2005 on Cut as CD), “Timelines_NY” was composed with this group of musicians in mind. These graphical works of mine are therefore not interchangeable: they are conceived within the context of the particular instrumentation and, even more importantly, for the personalities of the original participating musicians...
Keywords: electroacoustic
Downloads: 2,140
[audio]Gultskra Artikler - Gruppa Turistov [apl012]
Alexey Devyanin aka Stud & Alexey Glazachev are russian musicians from the cold and far Siberia. And when i was shown those pieces of neofolklore, i must admit ive hardly listened to such improvised music. Perfect blends of field recordings, traditional, organic acoustic instruments, speeches and a deep sense of expression shape this release to a styledefining melange of transforming impressions into soundscapes and moving emotionality...
Keywords: Electroacoustic
Downloads: 2,175 3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars(3 reviews)
[audio]Shelter's End - excerpt from extract [cnv41] - danny kreutzfeldt / jason corder
Shelter's End is the moniker for a new collaboration of Danny Kreutzfeldt & Jason Corder. Danny Kreutzfeldt has already released numerous releases under his own name as well as under a plethora of aliases. Jason Corder as well has released under his own name, in addition to releasing under two further aliases. Comparing the oeuvre of the respective artists, the conclusion here seems to be that Danny Kreutzfeldt is in charge of the foundational work (in this case: sonically recreating the fathoml...
Keywords: electroacoustic
Downloads: 1,319
[audio]Zvezdara THE DAWN OF NEW POSSIBILITIES - Zvezdara
Keywords: Electroacoustic
Downloads: 6,021
[audio]Ensemble Camp - Live a Resonances [nt087]
Camp socialiste no 1 (Montréal), by David Turgeon, is a modular composition for prepared CDs. Performed in solo as well as in groups of 2 to 5 participants, it is the founding project of the Ensemble Camp, a band devoted exclusively to the composition and performance of works for prepared CDs. Invited by the Résonances festival, held annually in Saint-Nazaire (France), David Turgeon composed in situ a companion piece: Camp socialiste no 2 (Saint-Nazaire)...
Keywords: Electroacoustic
Downloads: 4,545
[audio]C.McFall & B.Fleury-Steiner - the dirty and the clean - Christopher McFall & Ben Fleury-Steiner
my work is a process of combining field recordings made on a dreary Sunday morning in the poorest sections of inner city Wilmington, Delaware--essentially these recordings were of empty spaces of wind moving through tight graffiti covered alley ways and rows of government housing located on the outer fringe of the city--the recordings primarily consist of a sudden clatter of debris, strange chiming noises but mostly a stretch of ghostly silences...
Keywords: electroacoustic
Downloads: 2,449 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Flautobio 1 - Jan Turkenburg
My personal history in fluteplaying and composing, including my first recorded public appearance as a child, pieces for flute and guitar that I wrote and recorded with my friend Emiel Janmaat on acoustic and electric guitar. Also a church organ and a recorder are used. These recordings first appeared on my 52 weeks project on internet in january 2004.
Keywords: Electroacoustic
Downloads: 20,083
[audio]Breathing sound sample
Breathing sound sample (blowing into a balloon); click on triangle at right to begin playback
Keywords: electroacoustic
Downloads: 249
[audio]Study No. 1 (Dreamscapes) - Kristel Rose Tretter
An electronic piece using glassware and cutlery as source material composed by Kristel Rose Tretter.
Keywords: Electroacoustic
Downloads: 1,166
[audio]Sons da Natureza I - Lucas Alencar
Primeiro volume do meu projeto solo, onde trabalho com texturas eletrônicas e naturais, de maneira quase sempre aleatória e sutilmente estrutural. First record from my solo project, where i work with electronic and natural textures, in a way mostly free and lightly with estructure.
Keywords: Electroacoustic
Downloads: 1,756
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